SnowynMC is a mature Towny server with a team focused on providing the best experience and friendly atmosphere for our community to participate in. You don't need to look any further.

Unique Players 204
Chat Messages 11,864
Towns Created 7
Largest Town Oceanyn
Hardest Worker Yorishiro

Survival Shaped By Us

Positive Community

We strive to provide a comfortable and amusing environment for everyone. We love helping our new players to make sure they are having fun and feel comfortable here.

Custom Features

Our content team is always working on providing our community with features from suggestions and from the team themselves. We encourage suggestions on our forums.

Player Ecomony

Our economy is a fluctuating player economy. Sell items through chest shops or the auction house. Go explore other towns with shops to find items.

Jobs & McMMO

Select from 15 professions that earn in game money and experience. McMMO offers 13 new skills, each with several new abilities.

Numerous Perks

We have over 35 perks that you can buy in-game to enhance your gameplay, such as more homes, player vaults, and even flight.

Voting Rewards

Support the server and help us conquer the world by voting and get awesome rewards in return for voting.

Meet The Community

We are home to mature players from around the globe and here everyone is considered family.
Come get together with friends to relax and enjoy some good old towny.

Team Members

We are the team that makes SnowynMC happen.
Working together to help the community and create content you see on the server.